Great Lake Trail one way shuttle (own bike)

Fra NZD 30,00 NZ$
  • Varighed: 1 Timer (Ca.)
  • Sted: Taupo
  • Produkt kode: K2K and W2K Shuttle

NB: If the times dont match your requirements please get in touch and we may be able to accommodate your needs.

You can get dropped off in Kinloch just mention in the special requirements. Orakau will be the selected drop off for your booking...

Long ride option
- Park in Whakaipo bay and we shuttle you to Orakau (whangamata rd) You can then ride either the original K2K trail(20km) or the new O2K trail to kinloch for Lunch. Kinloch, one of the most beautiful lakeside villages in the country has a cafe and corner store that do great Burgers and coffee. The K2K allows lake access for a swim in summer in Kawakawa bay.The O2K is shorter (12km) and has great views of the Lake....

 From kinloch The W2K section of the Great Lake Trail provides great views across Lake Taupō and back down towards . The native bush creates a feeling of being far from civilisation. The trail offers an optional 9.5km headland loop. It is a mix of Grade 2 and 3 trail and is dual use meaning both mountain bikers and hikers can enjoy this trail in either direction. Leave your car at your desired finish point and we will shuttle you and your bike with our van and custom built trailer to the other end of the trail so you dont have to rush to meet  a pre determined time. Relax and enjoy the stunning ride. We have 2 vans capable of carrying up to 22 people and bikes. NB this is for people with their own bikes... If you need to hire bikes then you will need a return shuttle from our shop...

Shorter ride option- 

Pick up in Waihaha and Drop off in Kinloch 14km or 23.5km back to your vehicle. (10km optional head land loop)

Pick up in Kinloch Drop off in Orakau 20km (K2K) or 12km (O2K) Back to Kinloch