Great Lake Trail 3 day transport package (Own Bike) 1 way shuttles

From NZD $160.00
  • Duration: 2 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Taupo
  • Product code: GLTfull

NB: Currently the Bay2Bay boat shuttle only operates in the weekends so we charter Taxi cat adventures during weekday transfers...

Day 1 on the Great Lake Trail. (Waihaha- Waihora section) Park your car in the ample parking at Kinloch (8:15am to meet the 1:30pm boat or 9:45am to meet the 3pm boat) NB in winter the later time is only available... Ask if you want the earlier option and we may be able to help... we will pick you up and transport you to Waihaha bridge, the start of the Waihaha trail. From here you will ride the 30km trail to Waihora bay where the pre arranged boat shuttle will meet you and take you and your bike back to Kinloch where your car will be waiting for you. If you choose the mid week charter option we will create the time for this around your needs but please note the charter is +$20pp

Day 2 Meet in Kinloch and we will pick you up and take you to  Orakau (the start of the K2K). You will then enjoy the K2K (20km section) or the O2K (12km section) of the Great Lake Trail to Kinloch. Kinloch has two food opportunities in the "Tipsy trout" cafe and the corner dairy which does great burgers. 

Day 3 Today we meet you in Whakaipo bay where you will leave your car as this is the W2K Trail end, and we will shuttle you  to Kinloch the start of the W2k Trail. Your ride begins by crossing over the archway bridge above the kinloch marina and turning left and following the signs for the W2K trail. You ride back to your car via the W2K and (optional) head land loop. The W2K is a 14km trail with the optional 10km headland loop which you can complete before descending back to Whakaipo bay and your car.

Boom! You now have Great Lake Trail bragging rights!